Use cases

1. Support new Steemians

How to: select reputation 25-25 and the tag “introduceyourself”.

2. Curate More Efficiently

Established Steemians willing to help new authors can now do so without spending too much time.

How to: select reputation 25-45.

3. Find New Promising Authors

Steemians interested in a better use of their Steem Power can find new interesting bloggers to (auto)vote for.

How to: select reputation 45-60.

4. Connect with established members

Aspiring authors can now easily find posts by members with high reputation to learn from them, discover new valuable information, contribute to discussions and be heard by more experienced members.

How to: select reputation 60-75.

5. Find fresh posts in your language

How to: select a language. The posts in this language will be shown if found in the most recent 1000 posts.