Paris Transport

While preparing a Paris travel guide, the subject I felt most comfortable with was transportation. Because there are many options that can be used to travel both within the city and to cities in countries such as Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, England.

Airports and City Center Transportation: Almost all of the airline companies that organize flights to Paris from our country and various cities in Europe prefer either Charles de Gaulle Airport or Orly as their destination.

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In both airports, there are many options that will enable you to find a solution for transportation to the city center easily.

Welcoming more than 65 million passengers a year, Charles de Gaulle Airport is located 25 kilometers northeast of the city center.

Travelers who want to go to the center of Paris from the airport, which has 3 terminals, mainly use the RER B train as their first choice. sekurigi

If you are looking for a more comfortable option other than the trains that leave the city center every 7-8 minutes, you can book your place from the companies that offer shuttle services.

There are also municipal buses departing from the airport, where you can easily reach the point you want to go to by hotel pickup or taxi when necessary. The alternatives to these bus lines are RoissyBus and Le Bus Direct.


Orlybus is the most preferred means of transportation from Orly, the city’s largest and busiest airport, to the city center.

Le Bus Direct buses operate here, as in Charles de Gaulle. In addition, if you wish, you can transfer to RER B with the ORLYVAL train or you can quickly travel to the city center by using the taxi option that suits your budget.

Transportation Between Airport and City Center: If you wish, you can reach the city center by private or public transportation, 2 popular tours on this subject:

Roissy CDG and Orly Joint Minivan Transfers (from 18.75 Euros per person…) malla espaldera
Charles de Gaulle Airport Private Transfer (maximum 81 Euros per group of 4 people…)
High Speed ​​​​Train Services from Paris to Cities such as Amsterdam and Brussels: Thanks to the high-speed train lines, many flights are organized from Paris to various European cities in a short time.


These voyages, which allow travelers to travel to different destinations on a daily basis, attract great attention both because they are completed in a short time and because of their comfort.

Paris Amsterdam High Speed ​​​​Train Services: Amsterdam is one of the destinations where travelers who want to spend a holiday in Paris make daily trips with high-speed train services.

Established in partnership between France and Belgium, Thalys’ flights are completed in an average of 3 hours and 18 minutes. During this journey, which starts from Gare du Nord and ends in Amsterdam Centraal, it also stops by Brussels, Antwerp and Rotterdam.

Paris-Brussels High Speed ​​​​Train Services: Brussels is the second capital where train services are carried out intensively from Paris. In addition to Thalys, a company called Izy also operates on this line.

If you do not have time constraints and are looking for an economical option, you can choose Izy, and if you do not want to compromise on comfort, you can choose Thalys. Moreover, the flights organized by Thalys between the two capitals are completed in an extremely short time, such as 1 hour and 22 minutes.


The journey time of Izy trains is around 2 hours and 10 minutes.

Urban Transportation: Paris offers its guests many alternatives for transportation. If you consider the locations of the places on your list of places to visit in Paris while determining which city transportation method you will use, you can make your choice more accurately.

Especially in traveling from airports to the city center or from the 1st and 4th districts to the suburbs, RER lines provide great convenience. Another alternative for those who will use the rail system in the city is the metro.

Buses are another important option you can choose, apart from the RER, which has a mix of suburban trains and subways. Many alternatives await you in the city, from city buses to hop-on hop-off tour vehicles, from RoissyBus to the airport or from Le Bus Direct to Orlybus.

Especially hop on hop off buses provide the opportunity to reach all popular points of the city at attractive prices, thus relieving the holiday budget.

Transportation in the city is not only provided by rail systems or buses. If you wish, you can join hourly and daily boat tours on the Seine and witness the beauties of Paris from a different perspective. In the tours where audio guide service is provided, besides the standard content, dinner organizations are also offered to the travelers.

You can also choose alternatives such as taxi, bicycle and car rental to travel in Paris, which you can easily visit on foot due to its flat structure.

You can find out all the information you may need about the transportation options you can use during your Paris holiday through the links below.



According to a study published in the journal Nature, the world’s oldest animal fossil ever known was discovered in Canada recently. The fossil belongs to a sponge that lived 890 million years ago.
We still don’t know much about our planet Earth, which is thought to have formed more than 4.5 billion years ago. Among these unknowns is the subject of how old life on Earth is. A recently found fossil has become one of the biggest indicators of how old life on Earth is. canalisationengorgee

According to research published in the journal Nature, a fossil has been discovered in Canada that will represent the oldest body fossil evidence of animals known to date. The fossil provides the first physical evidence that animals arose before the epoch and survived through the glacial periods of the Cryogenic era.

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The discovered fossil is described as a ‘spongy fossil’. While most fossil records first appear in the Cambrian period, 541 million years ago, sponge fossils can be dated back 350 million years, according to the study. The newly found spongy fossil is said to date back 890 million years. This makes this fossil the oldest animal in the world.

In addition, an important point is highlighted in the research published in Nature. Geologist Elizabeth Turner stated that animals have a very, very old and poorly preserved history. On the other hand, Nature noted that some scientists need more information to say that the fossils found are sponge fossils.