Casper Excalibur

Supported by the power of Turkey’s technology brand Casper, Excalibur’s first experience store opened in Forum Istanbul AVM. Casper Excalibur, which opens its doors to technology lovers who want to experience the difference of unstoppable power, aims to serve with experience stores in all major cities in line with its retailing goals.

Turkey’s technology brand Casper, which offers a wide range of products from computers to tablets, from smart phones to monitors, from gaming computers to accessories, opened its first experience store in Forum Istanbul AVM. Planning to provide service with experience stores in all major cities in the future, Casper aims to bring the most secure way of configuring computers to its consumers.

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Computers According to Needs Can Be Configured in the Store
Stating that Casper aims to bring the safest form of computer collection to its consumers by revealing the configuration feature in its own experience store, Casper Corporate Communications Director Responsible for Marketing Ahmet Beliktay said, “Casper is a popular and demanded brand in retail channels. As in our other Excalibur products, we will deliver many content to our consumers in addition to a lifetime performance guarantee.” in his statements. Beliktay said, “Our communication goal is to make the experience store a meeting point with the consumers of our brand. If the pandemic process allows, we aim to be in all major cities. Our store includes all Casper and Excalibur products and models, from phones to tablets, from laptops to accessories.

Consumers will be able to experience all products in the store and configure the products among hundreds of options with expert sales consultants. He will be able to create and order every configuration on our website together with our technology consultant in the store.” makes a statement.