History of CNC

Step by Step CNC Machines
CNC benches, which are used in works that require mechanical processing in the machinery industry, have passed through various stages until today. These machines, which were previously programmed from the outside with perforated strips, have become programmable at the bench with computer technology. In our article, we will provide information about the history of CNC from past to present.
What is CNC? Paris
In short, the machines that automatically perform a work that requires mechanical processing according to the commands coming from the computer are called CNC machines.

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CNC Machines from Transition to Present
The history of CNC Machines dates back to the Second World War. With the construction of the first computer named “Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer” (ENIAC) (Turkish: Electronic digital integrated calculator) in 1941 to calculate long-range cannons and missiles with less accuracy, it was seen that machines in the industry could also be controlled by computers.